It’s Oak Spirit Week!

Spirit Week is THIS WEEK (1/22-26) leading up to our 2018 Blah Buster (Fri, 6:00-8:00pm)! Let’s show how Oak GROWS…
G Giving Back (Monday) – bring $1 for the Friends of Brooks Trust (to benefit charities & organizations that supported Brooks Tonn); classroom teachers will collect donations all week
R Ridiculous Socks (Tuesday) – wear crazy, fun socks (matched or unmatched)
O Outrageous Hats (Wednesday) – wear a fun hat that’s crafty, silly or sporty
W Wacky PJ’s (Thursday) – wear some pajamas that are bright, goofy or just comfortable
S Spirit Wear (Friday) – wear any Oak spirit wear or school colors (blue & white) all day, and all night at Blah Buster