365 Grateful Project

November officially marks the school-wide launch of a 365GRATEFUL Project at Oak Elementary School, and we’re excited to tell you all about it! A collaborative effort initiated by the school’s PTO Oak Grows Committee, Principal Dr. Martha Henrickson and teachers, the gratitude project is anticipated to foster growth within our community and an appreciation for all things good.  Below are a few highlights of the project:
  • WHO?  Oak students, teachers & families
  • WHAT?  365GRATEFUL is a school-wide initiative launched to build awareness of the positive experiences and people in our everyday life – whether they’re big or small, ordinary or extraordinary, new or familiar.
  • WHY? Studies have shown that the consistent practice of gratitude, and focusing on positive life experiences can help strengthen relationships, as well as boost optimism, productivity, health, compassion and overall happiness.  It can also aid in redirecting attention from negative experiences.
  • HOW, WHEN & WHERE? Oak School PTO will be gifting Gratitude Journals to students and teachers in which to document 1-2 daily experiences for which they are thankful.  Students will be allowed and encouraged to journal at school and home, and will be given opportunities to share experiences in the classroom.  The journals will be the students’ to maintain, to reflect upon, and a personal keepsake of what it means to grow through gratitude. The PTO will also be providing Gratitude Boxes to each classroom, into which students can drop notecards describing something for which they are thankful, and would like to share with peers. These experiences will be highlighted periodically during school-wide morning broadcasts, and in the school’s PTO hallway boards.
We believe 365GRATEFUL will give our students a unique opportunity to GROW through GRATITUDE, and grow together as a school community.  We ask that parents and teachers please help support this valuable effort and their children’s regular participation in the project.  We encourage students to write in their journals regularly and wherever is most comfortable, natural and convenient for them: in school, at home, in the car, in between activities, and with family, friends or alone…anywhere positive feelings are experienced!  If 365GRATEFUL helps at least one child to grow and make a difference in their life – it’s worth every word.
We hope you enjoy this gift!
Oak Grows Committee
Janice D’Arco & Kirsten Douglass

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