D86 Referendum Facts and Information

• The election is April 2, 2019, and it is easy to register absentee ballots or to early vote as early as March 18th.
• There hasn’t been a referendum passed in D86 for over 50 years and that was to rebuild Hinsdale South High School. It has been even longer for Hinsdale Central.
• $45M is needed immediately for necessary improvements to the high schools. In order to get that money, activities and sports need to be cut for 5 years. All aquatic activities have to go because the pools are failing. Because the female Central swim team is so large, due to Title IX, the men’s football teams must go as well. Also, they are the most expensive activities at both schools.
• Private funding is not really an option because all private funds and donations must be split equally between both Hinsdale Central and Hinsdale South.
• The average starting teacher salary for D86 is below the majority of peer districts. Also, the top salary paid to D86 teachers is again lower than the average of peer districts and below the majority of other peer districts and D86 issued district-wide pay freezes. See hhsta.org
• Here’s one that will blow your mind, D86 is in the lowest tax bracket of any of the Chicagoland suburbs, and this will raise taxes for a $750,000 home up $35 a month. See chart on https://d86.hinsdale86.org
• Dr Bruce Law, the superintendent of D86, just resigned his position for a higher paying superintendent position at a neighboring suburb, Deerfield/Highland Park. There are more very respected and loved teachers, coaches and administrators expected to leave D86.
• Home values are directly linked to the school systems and school ratings. Without activities like National Honors Society, Band, Football and Swimming amongst the many other cut activities and athletics, we will lose many esteemed students, faculty, and families, and D86 ratings will drop; so will our home values. Enrollment for 2019-2020 is already down.
• The schools are unable to advance in technology, safety and handicap accessibility in their current states. They don’t even meet standards.
• For more information please visit https://d86.hinsdale86.org