Virtual Bike Rodeo

While our in-person Bike Rodeo for 3rd Graders and new 4th/5th Graders is cancelled, Officer Karen Kowal of the Hinsdale Police Department has put together an At Home Bike Rodeo and is providing families the opportunity to register their bikes with the Hinsdale PD.  Both of these activities are optional.

Here are the activities:

At Home Bike Rodeo and Bike License

Ensure students can 1) Start and stop their bicycle quickly and safely 2) Use the correct hand signals for turning and stopping 3) Maneuver around hazards/items 4) Look back over their shoulder for cars/pedestrians without veering off to one side

Step 1: Read letter from Officer Karen Kowal

Document: 1. Bike Rodeo Letter

Step 2: Conduct the At Home Bike Rodeo

Documents: 2a. Bike Safety Tips and Rodeo ideas 2b. AAA Bike Rodeo Manual

Step 3: Complete Quiz and Pledge (will NOT be collected)

Document: 3. Preparing to Ride My Bike Checklist Quiz and Pledge

Step 4: Print Bike License

Document: 4. Bike IDs

At your appointment an officer will document the serial number of your bike and secure a Bicycle Registration sticker to it.  Should your bike ever be lost, stolen, or recovered, the license and serial number will assist police in returning your bike. [This is open to all family members to register their bikes and/or update registrations for bikes that have been passed down]

Step 1: Register for time slot on the Sign Up Genius

Step 2: Fill in bike registration form

Document: 5. Bicycle Registration Form

Step 3: Attend during your scheduled time slot (must bring bike and completed form)

Questions?  Email: [email protected] or [email protected]