Kids Care Club- Shark Tank Service Style

Does your child and/or family have an idea for a project for Kids Care Club? There are so many wonderful ways in which we can give and unfortunately we can’t reach them all. However, this is your chance to share a project idea with the club! At our last meeting we quickly went over the guidelines for the Shark Tank service style fair that Kids Care Club is hosting in March. This fair is much like a science fair in how it’s presented. Children can work alone or in small groups to create their presentations. They will share information about the organization and project they present. Judges will award a few projects with the money needed to take the project to fruition. Kids Care Club did this last year and we were amazed with the diversity of the projects. If your child would like to present in March, please email Mrs. Linn with the organization and your child’s name at Feel free to reach out with any questions! Here’s an article from last year’s event for a bit more information.