MyFoodDays Reopens for Lunch-In Orders

The Lunch-In site,, has been reopened until 10 pm, Tuesday, October 9th. It is important that students and parents are happy with their lunch choices and that food is not thrown away. Please use this opportunity to review current lunch orders and make any changes. If your child has a bigger appetite, please consider ordering additional food. For Meatheads, we just added a double burger option. For any families who missed the previous deadline to participate, you may also order at this time. Oak families new to will need to first register, add your child(ren) to your account, and then order food.

Go to and sign into your account to review/change orders. No changes can be made after October, 9th. MyFoodDays charges a minimal fee for any purchases less than $25. To avoid this fee, you may put $25 in credit toward future purchases. If you cancel any current orders, you will be given credit only.

If you have not updated your child’s homeroom teacher, please do so at this time to avoid confusion during lunch distribution (login and go to settings in the upper right-hand corner to change teacher).

Questions?? Please email Denys Kang (Lunch-In chair) at