HELP SAVE LIVES & sign up for our community blood drive, to be held on Monday, October 1st from 2 – 8 pm in the Oak School Gym. The drive, hosted by LifeSource and organized by Kids Care Club, is open to our area community, so please invite friends & family wishing to donate.

Donor appointments are required. Please use event code # 913B to look up & sign up for the Oak School drive at: www.lifesource.org. Event details & donor guide are attached in link below.

A message from a current Oak Family:

“In August of 2017, Amelia was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease, a potentially fatal childhood disease. Each year, over 5,000 American children are diagnosed with this disease, characterized by inflammation of the blood vessels throughout the body. The only treatment is a high dose of intravenous gamma globulin (IVIG). It takes thousands of blood (plasma) donors to create one dose of IVIG. Thankfully, Amelia received her dose at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, and is healthy today thanks to all the blood donors that made it possible! Giving blood helps save lives! ” – Jeff & Darlene Bingham