Oak STEAM Program Extra-Curricular Offerings; Registration Open

Oak school is offering a variety of extracurricular STEAM activities for the 2019-2020 school year. A full description of all offerings can be found in the attached STEAM Events Catalog below​​​.

1. Tech Bootcamps are short 3-day courses that will meet during recess and introduce students in grades 1-5 to the basics of various media apps including Apple Clips, Bloxels, and more. Registration is open through 9/11.

Tech Bootcamp Registration (due 9/11 – for Grades 1-5)

2. STEAM Workshops are short-term after school clubs in which students will create cool projects using STEAM skills. One workshop will be offered each month on the first 2 Tuesdays and Thursdays of the month. The October Workshop, Moon Landing Robotics for Grades 3-5, is open through 9/15.

October STEAM Workshop Registration (due 9/15 – for Grades 3-5)

3. Maker Clubs are 10-12 weeks long and will meet either before school or during recess. Fall Maker Club focuses on iPad Photography for grades 1-5. Registration is open through 9/15.

Fall Maker Photography Club Registration (due 9/15 – for Grades 1-5)

Registration links were sent via email by Dr. Henrikson on Sept 5th.

Please contact Colleen Malone at cmalone@d181.org with questions.

STEAM Events Catalog: