Oak’s Earth Week

Student Council wants to help Oak School raise awareness for how to protect our Earth by participating in EARTH WEEK! Encourage your child to participate in our Earth Week activities…

Monday, April 23rd: Make it-Take it Monday
Students will be using the collected, recycled bottle caps to create a game with their buddy class.

Tuesday, April 24th: Think Green Tuesday
Wear GREEN to school and be ready to learn about ways you can help the environment!

Wednesday, April 25th: Waste-Free Wednesday
Bring a waste-free lunch to school! Try to use reusable bags and bottles to create zero garbage waste in the lunch room!

Thursday, April 26th: Terminate Thirst Thursday
Bring in any donation to donate to Charity: Water.
When you donate, you can bring in a drink other than water to enjoy during class (lemonade, juice, hot chocolate- no caffeine).

Friday, April 27th: Flip-Flop Friday
Do you have an old pair of flip-flops lying around the house? Bring them in to be recycled with Terrawaste recycling company! Wear a pair of flip-flops to school to celebrate the recycling movement!

Thank you for helping us raise environmental awareness,
Student Council & the Earth