Room Parents

2020-2021 School Year

PTO web policy prohibits the inclusion of personal contact information on the website. Please use the Oak School directory to look  up email address and phone numbers for the room parents.

Class Room Parent
Remote Mary Osanloo
Kindergarten: Nichols -AM Carol Park
Kindergarten: Nichols -PM Christa Fox
1st Grade: Tumbarelli – AM Christina McGrath
1st Grade: Tumbarelli – PM Mark Montgomery
1st Grade: Meyer -AM & PM Janelle Taylor
2nd Grade: McMichael -AM Susan Knoch
2nd Grade: McMichael -PM Grace Shin
2nd Grade: Giese -AM Christina Dimitropoulos
2nd Grade: Giese -PM Jennifer Bugaj
3rd Grade: Leahy-AM Nicki Hutter
3rd Grade: Leahy -PM Roopa Gondipalli
3rd Grade: Allen -AM Christina Dimitropoulos
3rd Grade: Allen -PM Jamie Muehlhauser
4th Grade: Zigras-AM & PM Denys Kang
4th Grade: Brady-AM & PM Kirsten Douglass
5th Grade: Rigazio-AM & PM Lindsey Henry
5th Grade: Moore-AM Nicole Rosenbaum Perdomo
5th Grade: Moore -PM Grace Shin