Room Parents

2021-2022 School Year

PTO web policy prohibits the inclusion of personal contact information on the website. Please use the Oak School directory to look  up email address and phone numbers for the room parents.

Class Room Parent
Kindergarten: Tumbarelli – AM Ashley Ilekis & Dadhija Patel
Kindergarten: Tumbarelli – PM
1st Grade: Meyer Sara Mcmonagle & Carol Park
1st Grade: Miss. Zigras Monica Sodikoff & Melissa Abraham
2nd Grade: McMichael Mark Montgomery & Carinne Nicosia
2nd Grade: Giese Christina Hollister
2nd Grade: Mrs. Nichols Erin Catton & Jholet Tabuena
3rd Grade: Allen Lindsey Henry
 3rd Grade: Mrs. Leahy Christa Fox
4th Grade: Mrs. Brady Carinne Nicosia & Monica Sodikoff
4th Grade: Mrs. Ingstrup
5th Grade: Rigazio Denys Kang
5th Grade: Moore