Teacher Appreciation Week May 3-7th

National Teacher Appreciation Week will be recognized this week, May 3-7th. The PTO will show their appreciation by honoring the Oak staff with celebratory events throughout the week. The most popular event in years past was the staff potluck, dishes brought in by many Oak families. Unfortunately, the event will be cancelled this year. Instead, the staff appreciation committee would like to stock the staff lounge with snacks and drinks all week long. If you would like to contribute, we would gladly accept edible items such as fruit, chips, baked goods, yogurt, granola bars, candy, soft drinks, juices. Items should be individually packaged and nut free. If items can not be individually wrapped, we will still gladly accept and repackage them.
If you would like to contribute any goodies or have questions, please contact Denys Kang at [email protected] Items SHOULD NOT be dropped off at school. If you would like to drop off freshly baked goods this week, please contact Denys. Let’s show the Oak staff how much Oak families appreciate them!