Valentines Day Cards Due Mon. 2/8

If you choose to have your child(ren) participate in giving out Valentines Day cards please have them ready to go for their entire class (AM or PM) on Mon 2/8. Please put the cards in alphabetical order. We will provide white paper bags for each child, so your child will be able to distribute their cards directly into a bag for each of their classmates on Mon 2/8. The bags will also be in alpha order, so the process will go as quickly and safely as possible. The bags will then be quarantined until Fri 2/12, when they will be sent home with your child. Please do not include any food or candy with your child’s valentines. If your child forgets to bring them on Mon 2/8, then Tues 2/9 will be the latest possible arrival date in order to be safely quarantined and delivered to classmates on Fri 2/12.